Hey everyone!

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Just look at this.
The cutest "throw on" piece for summer? I think so! Especially with the stripes and that trend going on right now. Don't forget the biggest trend for this season you guys: COLOR!


I want my summer to look like this. Fruity with a lot of colors, white, fruit, citrus and juicy. 
Simply Lovely 


You know what I want?
I want a big fat golden metal belt to wear around my waist with a long, black jumpsuit. 


Hey guys!

So I thought I would show you some more pics from yesterday's show at Berns in Stockholm (http://www.berns.se/) for Beckman (http://www.beckmans.se/hem/). 
It was a great day and I love all of my friends that I shared the precious day with. I hope we'll see each other soon!


The student's board in what way the show was going to be 

Waiting for hair and makeup. To the left you can see Em!

Cool? Bobby pins 

The TV backstage where we could see the show. Not really front row but you know..


Okey so I'm gonna go back to studying after doing nothing for two hours. Back to my boring science book. 
Love <3

On my way home


Right now I'm sitting on the plane, studying. I've got that french test on friday. I was kind of supposed to have it last week but since I went to Sweden for work, I got to do it on this Friday instead. So, now I'm doing french, math and science, cause I have a science test on Friday as well. Not fun.. Then I may be working on thursday afternoon and friday after the test, from like 12 pm. So we'll see. Oh and by the way, when I'm finished with all of these tests and stuff, hopefully this weekend, I'll get to give you guys an update about the Beckmans show which was AMAZING by the way, and I'll do some outfits of the day that I've been wearing the last couple of days this and last week.
So I'll see you soon then.

Here's a pic from the hair and makeup room

Byyyeeeee !! <3


Good morning sunshines!!
I'm here in the hotel with Em and we're getting ready for today!! Wiieeee!!!
We're doing a show today for a Swedish designer school called Beckman. I've done their shows in the past as well and it's seriously the funniest thing you can do. No kidding. Their creations are craaazzy, fun, creative, ugly, beautiful, weird all at the same time but in the end the show always ends up being a great success and it's so much fun for us all.

ANYWAYS Em's yelling at me to get her the damn iPad, haha. Just a sec sweatheart! Haha, she hates me. Never mind, I have to give her the iPad before she hits me so I have to go!
I'll try to update during the day,